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Onions and Sprat Chutney (With chili sauce) Onions and Sprat Chutney (With chili sauce) Ingredients : 200g Onions (cut into big pieces)   150g cleaned (small) dried sprats 3 tbl.spn Oil 2 tbl.spn Chili Sauce ¼ t.spn Salt 2 Green Chili Method : Pour the oil in the pan and stir fry the onions... Read more
Fish Cake (With Fish Sauce) Fish Cake (With Fish Sauce) Ingredients : 1 tin fish   3 boiled potatoes 1 boiled carrot 2 t.spn pepper powder 1 tbl.spn chopped mint and coriander leaves 1 t.spn salt 1 egg 2 tbl.spn Edingborough fish sauce 1 Cup bread crumbs ... Read more
Chicken Sandwich Chicken Sandwich Ingredients : 6 slices of Sandwich bread   250g Boiled chicken 1 t.spn of Pepper ½ t.spn Salt 3-4 Sliced tomatoes Lettuce 4 tbl.spn Edinborough Mayonnaise 2 Onions 1 tbl.spn Oil ... Read more
Vegetable Salad (with Black Bean Sauce) Vegetable Salad (with Black Bean Sauce) Ingredients : 3 Large boiled potatoes   ½ cup boiled Green piece 1 Cup Boiled chick peas ½ t.spn salt 1 t.spn chopped mint leaves 3 tbl.spn Edinborough Black Bean Sauce ½ t.spn Pepper powder Method : ... Read more
Mini Date Spiral Mini Date Spiral Ingredients : 250g Flour   25g Butter 100g Dates ½ t.spn yeast 1 t.spn sugar 25g chopped nuts 2 tbl.spn Edingborough Golden Syrup ¼ t.spn of almond essence Method : Dilute the y... Read more
Chicken with Glaze Orange Chicken with Glaze Orange Ingredients : 1kg of Chicken drumsticks   2 tbl.spn Honey 1 Orange juice (Squeezed) 1 ½ t.spn of grounded mustard 2 tbl.spn Curd 2 tbl.spn Edingborough Worcester Sauce 2 tbl.spn Oil 1 t.spn Salt ... Read more
Spicey Chicken with Steamed Begetables Spicey Chicken with Steamed Begetables Ingredients : 200g Chicken flesh   1 Cup of steamed vegetables (Carrot, Beans & Potatoes) 1 Chicken stock (small) 1 t.spn Ginger Paste 1 t.spn Garlic Paste 3 Green Chili 1 ½ t.spn Pepper ½ t.spn Salt ... Read more
Devilled Prawns (Serves 3-4) Devilled Prawns (Serves 3-4) Ingredients : 250g Prawns   2 Chopped Onions 2 Tomatoes ½ t.spn Ginger 1 t.spn Chili powder 2 tbl.spn Sweet chili sauce ½ t.spn Salt 2 Capsicum Method : Marinate th... Read more
Milk Pudding with Chocolate Topping (Serves 6) Milk Pudding with Chocolate Topping (Serves 6) Ingredients : 500ml Fresh Milk 100g Sugar 4 t.spn of Gelatin ½ t.spn Vanilla ¾ cup of Hot water tbl.spn Coco Powder   Method : Add the sugar and boil the milk, leave it to cool Add the gelat... Read more
Thin Crust Pizza ( Serves 7) Thin Crust Pizza ( Serves 7) Dough Ingredients : 350g Flour 1 tbl.spn Butter ½ t.spn yeast 1 t.spn Sugar ½ t.spn Salt Method : Dilute the yeast and sugar in ¼ cup of luke warm water. Knead the flour with the salt, butter add the yeast solution. Add more ... Read more
Juicy Drumsticks with BBQ Seasoning Juicy Drumsticks with BBQ Seasoning Ingredients : 500g Drumsticks   1 tbl.spn tamarind juice 1 tbl.spn chili powder 1 t.spn Salt 3 tbl.spn Edinboroug BBQ Source 1 t.spn sesame seeds 1 tbl.spn Oil Method : Pour ¼ cup of water in a pan and b... Read more
Stuffed Potato Rotti (Serves 3) Stuffed Potato Rotti (Serves 3) Ingredients : 250g Flour 25g Butter ¼ cup Oil ½ t.spn Salt  Water to Knead Method : Add the Butter, Oil, and salt and knead the dough nice and soft. Add more water if required Potato Filling Ingredien... Read more

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Edinborough Product (Pvt) Ltd., is a leading Sri Lanakn food stuff company dedicated in delighting people of South Asia with its food stuff portfolio that integrally partners the preparation & creation of lip smacking fine dining experiences across full service restaurants , quick service restaurants , other catering operations , convenient foods as well as food on the move & in home dining.

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