Our Management Team

Ours is a very competitive business and for the mare sake of existence in such marketplace, we need to attract top talent. Therefore, we seek the best people, those with diverse experience, perspectives, knowledge, and backgrounds. We encourage them to develop new or stronger skills, and achieve their goals while making their unique contribution to the Company’s success.
At Edinborough, we believe that employee training and development are among the vital investments that we make. Training in various sections for corporate and self-development, seminars, demonstration and workshops both locally and internationally are some of the activities that strengthen the family of the Edinborough Company. This enables the management to identify potential candidates within and groom them to take higher responsibilities in the future.

At Edinborough, people are the most valuable asset and it is their dedication that amounts to the maintaining of standards within the Company. The development and dedication of its people, in conjunction with its processes and management expertise have over the years continued in placing Edinborough to achieve various awards at national and international platforms.

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