The beginning of Edinborough what is known today as Edinborough Products (Pvt) Ltd., came into being in 1973 when an enterprising Mr. C.M.M.R. Pasha started making cordials at home & sold, which was built on a 50 sq.m. block of land in the capital city of Colombo, Sri Lanka & sold in and around Colombo.

In a relatively short time, Edinborough Products (Pvt) Ltd. Captured a great slice of the cordial market causing the manufacturing operations to shift to the new premises in Rajagiriya, occupying a land area of 4046 sq.m. in 1985. At this stage, the range of products manufactured numbered 60 SKUs. Edinborough expanded rapidly from 1985 to 1990, and reaching almost all areas of the Island. Consumers were encouraged to enjoy a wide array of quality products.

In 1991, the manufacturing operations were moved to even larger premises of 20,234 sq.meter site in Padukka, 25 km away from Colombo. Moving the manufacturing division to Padukka has immensely helped the company to expand its sales operations in Rajagiriya.

Due to the continuous rapid growth in the local market, in 1993 a further 44,515 sq.meters were added to the manufacturing plant site in Padukka. Expanding it to a 64,750 sq.meters where apart of the area accommodates both the manufacturing and production operations, leaving the unutilized area for future expansion.
  Living up to its name as pioneer in Sri Lankan food industry, Edinborough Products (Pvt) Ltd. has over the years extensively introduced modern technology and equipment. It’s manufacturing process, ensuring conformity with international standards and attaining a rate of production compatible with growing consumer demand. Nevertheless, conventional methods are retained in some areas of the production to maintain exclusivity and integrity of the recipes.

In 2003, the company moved from a sole proprietorship to a “Private Liability” company.

Now “Edinborough” and “Pasha” are our flagship brands under which we sell our food products and many other condiments such as jams, Sauces, Cordials, Chutneys, fruit juices etc. we have established a portfolio of products targeted at different market segments. Further, we are leading manufacturer of Soya sauce & leading contract manufacturer for others’ brand also.

Edinborough Products (Pvt) Ltd. has been the market leader in the foodservice industry in Sri Lanka over a considerable period of time.


Production of Cordials with 3 SKUs


Shifting to new 4046 sq.m. premises in Rajagiriya. Range of products increased to 60 SKUs Capturing of major cordial market


Expansion of Padukka manufacturing plant in Padukka


Expansion of Padukka manufacturing plant to 64,750 sq.m.


Importing of dry goods with 25 SKUs


Expanding of Sales Team


Importing of frozen products


Importing of frozen meat products


Licensed as a Private Limited Liability Company


Achieving a 3,500 SKU product range


Opening Beemas Best Buy super market & Dam street retail shop


Construction of new bottling plant in Padukka


Establishing Live Stock Farm


Establish General Trade operation and appointing island wide distributors