Ingredients :

250g Flour mini_d_spiral  mini_d_spiral1
25g Butter
100g Dates
½ t.spn yeast
1 t.spn sugar
25g chopped nuts
2 tbl.spn Edingborough
Golden Syrup
¼ t.spn of almond essence

Method :

Dilute the yeast and sugar in ¼ cup of luke warm water and leave it to rise.
Add 1 t.spn of butter into the flour along with the risen yeast and knead the dough (add more water if required to knead).
In a pan, add the remaining butter and dates and mash it well and add the chopped nuts along with almond essence and Edingborough Golden Syrup and stir well.
Roll the dough into a sphere thin layer and spread the mashed dates.
Roll it and cut into small pieces.
Place them in a tray and bake it.
Baking Instructions :

Electric - 180 – 200 Degree (On a pre heated oven) for 15 -20 minutes

Gas - Gas Mark 4/5