Ingredients :

500ml Fresh Milk 100g Sugar
4 t.spn of Gelatin ½ t.spn Vanilla
¾ cup of Hot water
tbl.spn Coco Powder
milk-pudding  milk-pudding1

Method :

Add the sugar and boil the milk, leave it to cool
Add the gelatin in ½ cup of hot water and dissolve it.
Cream in the coco powder in ¼ cup of remaining hot water.
Add the vanilla and gelatin mixture in the milk and stir well.
Divide the milk into 2 and dilute the coco powder in one half of the milk.
Pour the coco mixture in a bowl and leave it to set completely (1 hour)
Pour the vanilla mixture on top & leave it to set completely.
Serve it wit Edinborough Chocolate Topping